Early Learning Programs (Long Day Care & Sessional)

Early Learning Programs (Long Day Care & Sessional)

Early Learning Program

Children learn from birth, and it is important to offer children rich learning opportunities throughout the early years, wherever they are.

In recognition of this, our Mission Statement says that we will aim to integrate care and education in our early learning program. Usually “early learning program” is the way in which we describe long day care and kindergarten at Springvale Service for Children (SSC). Our aim will be to offer all children high quality learning experiences for the whole time they are attending.

We recognise that all children who come to the early learning program at SSC, whatever their age and no matter how many hours they attend, deserve a high quality learning experience. This involves:
• Leadership by professionals with early childhood qualifications
• Ongoing professional learning for all staff
• A carefully thought out curriculum
• Based on best current research and thinking about early learning
• Careful attention to each child as an unique person
• Giving children many opportunities to explore, experiment, create, play and take an active role in learning and to teach and learn from other children
• Lots of communication between staff and families about children’s learning experiences
• Well set up learning environments, indoors and outdoors


Kindergarten Program

Currently 15 hours of kindergarten is offered to each child in the year before they start school. Your child must be 4 before the 30th April for their kindergarten year. These 15 hours will be staffed by a qualified early childhood teacher and will meet all the requirements for a government funded kindergarten program. Currently enrolments are taken for these 15 hours through the City Of Greater Dandenong. The contact number is (03) 8571 1817. Forms for kindergarten enrolment are also available at Springvale service for Children or at your nearest City of Greater Dandenong Service desk.

The hours for kindergarten groups change each year to meet the demands of the community. If you would like more information about the kindergarten program please contact us at SSC. The charge for kindergarten in 2019 is $350.00 per term. If you have a healthcare card then there is no charge for the kindergarten program.

Long day program

The long day program is available for families who wish to have their child/children cared and educated throughout the whole day. Mostly parents or carers who are working or studying choose the long day program however there may be many reasons as to why you would like to access a long day program.

To join the waiting list for the long day program you must contact us at SSC. Usually you will need to join a waiting list. Waiting List are common in all quality long day care programs. If you think you may need a long day care program in the future it is important to join the waiting list as soon as possible.

A waiting list form is available for you to download in the publications section of this website. We ask for a $50.00 deposit to join the waiting list however this is fully refundable when you either accept a place at SSC or if you choose to leave the waiting list. You must maintain contact with us at SSC and be sure to keep your receipt.

The current fees for the Long day program are: $98 dollars per day or $440 per week. The Australian Government provides families with financial assistance to help cover the cost of approved childcare through Child Care Subsidy (CCS). For more information go to www.mychild.gov.au.