Springvale Services for Children

Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Recognising the critical importance of the early years, Springvale Service for Children’s main purpose is to provide young children and their families with experiences of high quality which promote their healthy development, learning and well being. We do this by working in mutually respectful partnerships with families, children and the community.


Our Philosophy:

  • Strong positive relationships are the foundation for children’s learning.
  • Families and staff work together as partners, sharing ideas, respecting each others’ views and working through differences.
  • Children need to have strong connections with their family, culture, home language and community.
  • Families have the biggest influence on children’s lives. Children learn from birth at home and in the family. Every family is different, and there are many good ways to raise a child. All programs at SSC should be integrated to best support child rearing in families.
  • Difference and diversity of many kinds, including cultural and language diversity, are part of our world. They can make our lives richer. They are not something to be afraid of or to see as a problem. They may be challenging at times, and sometimes there will be conflicts, but these can be worked through with good outcomes.
  • A strong sense of community within the Service, where everyone feels included and valued, benefits children, families and staff.
  • Children learn many things in their daily lives about themselves, others and the world around them. In the early years they also learn attitudes to learning and ways to go about learning.
  • Some of the most important learning is about:
    – their identity, who they are.
    – relating to others and learning how to help and give to others.
    – learning to look after themselves (wellbeing).
    – being confident learners who are interested in learning.
    – communicating.
  • Children learn a lot from each other, as well as from adults. Children are both teachers and learners.
  • Children learn best when they enjoy learning, and play an active part in their own learning by exploring, playing, creating.
  • Children and families will benefit most when the educators and staff of SSC work together to provide combined support.
  • We are a “not for profit” association but financial viability is essential to the continuation and further development of our services. Any surpluses are used to improve the Services we offer.

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